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The Essence of Coffee

The Essence of A1 Coffee

from the 'Ola Cafe' Website



Definition of A1 Coffee = "A satisfying cup of coffee!". 

Did you know an astonishing 400 billion cupfuls are drunk every year? And the number keeps growing expotentially, year-on-year. In essence, coffee is second only to water for the amount consumed. That means copious quantities. In another comparison, next to petroleum, coffee is the most widely traded commodity. And, like any other popular commodity, coffee has its share of folkloric controversy. Anything from being the drink of the devil - an evil brew, even to being the drink that causes impotence, along with many other rancid comments. Yet, over a cup or multiple cups of coffee, literary masterpieces have been created; national milestones negotiated and classic oratories written that have changed the course of history not to mention medical advances, huge business deals and major events - all of which have percolated over innocent cups of coffee, yet are quite incidental to it.

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Braun Coffee Maker

  When Max Braun built his Company in 1921, the intent was already for the utilization of technology and engineering into its products. Initially, innovative transistor components were built that went on to be adapted to other home appliances. Many of the Braun products that were created became icons in technological sophistication and design. This ranged from the earliest Braun radios to its ...

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Bunn Coffee Maker

  Bunn coffee makers are proudly American made, known for being the first to produce machines using paper coffee filters in 1957 . It all started in Springfield, Illinois, when the founders wanted to be able to filter coffee sludge thereby producing a 'cleaner' cup of coffee. The legacy to paper coffee filters that continue to be popular today. In 1963 another Bunn innovation targeted ...

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Caribou Coffee

  The different variants of Caribou Coffee are as colorful as its beginnings. And all the whip creams and milk that come with every cup of Caribou Coffee are as wild as its early stages of operation of its outlets. So, if you would permit, let us whisk back to the earliest days of Caribou Coffee. Caribou Coffee was first conceptualized in 1992 by newlyweds John and Kim Puckett while exploring ...

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