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If you are a true coffee lover then you may well be somewhat dependent on your cup 'o Joe. It may well be that in order to wake up in the morning and get your work hat on, you need to start the day with a strong hit of coffee in order to switch your brain on and stop your eyes from closing over. Likewise you may use coffee as a social drink and this may be the main way that you like to relax with friends or colleagues, or it might be a lunch break pick me up for you to enjoy in a coffee shop somewhere on your lunch break.

These are all uses of coffee and if you have got it as an important part of your life then it can be hard to imagine it without it. Someone comes round for a visit and your natural impulse is to say 'coffee?'. You wake up first thing in the morning and the first thing you do is make yourself a strong coffee. You get bad news – you make a coffee. You get a new book that you're excited about reading – you settle down to it with a coffee.

All of these things then are reliant on coffee and without it it can feel like there's a whole in your life. You may even end up spending a lot of money on all those mugs and this is why it's important to find other ways to buy coffee and to enjoy it.

Enter the coffee you can buy online – and there really is a lot of coffee bean you can buy online in order to enjoy feeling energetic and switched on first thing in the morning. This way then you can buy coffee that is a particular blend and this way you can enjoy having your very own filter coffee flavors to choose from. You can then give your guests a selection. Would they rather a late? A shot of espresso? A Christmas blend? And people will be hard pushed not to be impressed.

This way you can also buy in bulk and that will save you a lot of time and money – not to mention ensuring that you never find yourself lost without your favorite hot beverage. A great way to enjoy these coffees too is with a coffee machine that can be set with an alarm. If you've ever struggled to get out of bed, then imagine hearing your alarm and then knowing that you are being made a nice filter coffee that you can hear pouring. You will almost always want to get out and drink it and especially when you smell the sweet aroma – often that smell alone can be enough to wake you up.

So consider looking online for your coffee. You may find you can buy cheaper and in more bulk, and you might find that you can buy a range of different blends that you weren't aware of and which you might find even more tasty and exciting.

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