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Choosing the Right Coffee Cup

Choosing the right coffee cup is so much more than just going to the shopping mall and blindly grabbing one from the shelf. I believe that you must consider many things that play into choosing the coffee cup that fits you personally. My personal cup is one that is a reflection of several achievements,it's a canon lens mug. Throughout my military career, I rose thru the ranks, and achieved the rank of E-7 upon my retirement. I was also part of an inspection team that was highly respected for our opinions, and reports to various army commands. Our career field was limited to those personnel that, upon entrance into military service had the highest IQ scores. Training was very lengthy, after basic training, our group spent nearly a year in school, learning our trade. We were also granted the highest clearance in the military. Thus the groundwork for my coffee cup. I was presented this particular cup by the U.S. Military upon my retirement, and it reflects my military career, My Organization, my achievements, and years of service.

For those who only spent a few years in military service, or have not had military service, consider your career. Advertising may seem like a dull field, but those in the field know it is wildly exciting. Those who like their hobbies will more than likely consider an associated theme. In the area of decoration, the themes are nearly endless.

The second, and more important thing to consider is the size. If you regularly consume a larger portion of coffee, consider a 12 oz mug rather than an 8 or 6 oz cup. It may seem a trivial point, but walking back and forth several times to the office coffee pot to satisfy your need for coffee puts a damper on the enjoyment of a good cup of coffee. On the other hand, do not select a large cup if you are prone to a single serving of coffee. Proper size cups will invariably give you the satisfaction of having just the amount of coffee that will keep you happy, and productive all morning long.

The next thing to consider is how long will your coffee stay hot? If you dawdle over your cup of coffee for a lengthy time, it will get cold. Consider either getting a coffee cup warmer plate, or a cup that will naturally hold the heat in longer. Insulated cups do an excellent job of retaining heat, as do heavy ceramic or stone mugs. My personal choice was alens mug.

Your mug should be care free and easy to maintain, and have a smooth surface on the inside. Some cups that have a unique design, such as a tree trunk (for the environmentalist) prove difficult to keep clean. Coffee residue will build up on the inside where the design on the inside reflects the decorative outside.

Once you have selected the cup that truly reflects who you are, you will use it proudly, and often for many years,i like canon lens mug.

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