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Reusable tea bags and coffee bags

Coffee and tea are the one of the most consumed beverages in the world. They are consumed every day by each and everyone. From morning bad tea to night, tea has been the most favorite beverage. If you are tired and want to get fresh these stuffs are the best. But yes, more consumption of them is also not good for health. A good care has to be taken for the storage of tea and coffee so special kinds of bags came in picture.

Tea bags though a very small thing but yet a very useful item. No one knows or even care when they throw tea bags in the waste. Accepted that tea bag is a small thing, in fact it seems like how such a small bags can cause harm to the nature? Sure there are many bigger things which add up to environmental waste like plastic s and newspapers and all but slight awareness regarding tea bags usage should also be spread. We can’t recycle these tea bags but we can use them in our gardens. The nutrients inside tea bags are of good fertilizer use. Moreover such bags are bio degradable. Different brand along with their tags provide us with the tea. Whenever ones travel in air craft or railways, one is provided with such coffee bags and tea bags according to the requirement.

There are actually two types of coffee bags: bigger ones called burlap sacks and smaller, single serve sizes. Such bags can be used to brew an individual coffee. They have enough strength that they can withstand such hot water. Burlap coffee bags are bigger and can hold the coffee during transportation from one place to another. They are made of jute, a strong fiber that doesn't come apart very easily. It takes lots of pressure that's why it is very popular with the coffee exporters. Valve coffee bags weren't developed for consumer use. Freshly roasted coffee beans will emit CO2 for up to 24 hours after coming out of the roaster.

So, a man working for a smart company developed a special bad that would let carbon dioxide out without allowing oxygen in! This was done by the use of a simple valve. These coffee bags would keep the coffee beans fresh and roasted. Tea bags and coffee bags are available in various sizes and shapes. One can use these bags over and over again so that resource preservation is possible.

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