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As a coffee enthusiast, it was not long before we stumbled onto the coffee forums. Not long after that, Silvias became the defacto standard for entry level coffee machine for the home. It received rave reviews, and users were equally impressed with the quality of the accompanying Rocky grinder.

Years after this, the Nespresso was released to the market. While the result in the cup may be laughable compared to the Silvia, surprisingly, this newbie device has gained much market shared in the home coffee market. Why is this so, if overall, only what is in the cup matters?

The reason for the success of the Nespresso is simple. It offers convenience, that you will never get from a manual espresso machine in the home. Consumers are willing to give up some flavor in favor of speed of delivery. This the Silvia can go from cold start to a hot cup in about 20 minutes with some clever temperature surfing, the Nespresso can go from cold to hot cup in about 60 secs. This ease in getting caffeine into one’s body is paramount to the success of this machine.

Fans of the Silvia often talk about how important it is to get their technique correct. The right dose, the correct pressure during tamping, and finally the right temperature when extracting. All of these factors are true, in achieving the perfect cup, however these factors are also the culprits for penalizing the Rancilio. For a beginner to even comprehend all the factors of achieving a good cup, there is much knowledge and experience needed to be gained. Without patience, the Silvia would have lost much of the market share even before it began. The Nespresso user simply has to push a button.

Then there is the cleaning that is required for the Silvia. Taking apart the filter, back flushing, and descaling are mandatory for Silvia users who do not regularly use filtered water. Nespresso users just need to remember to flush the pipes with another shot of water after use. There is no filter to clean, as the capsule does the work, and there is no back flushing to do, since there are very little pipes.

So overall, who is the winner? In terms of impressing friends, then certainly the Silvia. For an intermediate user, they cannot go wrong with a machine that has all the variables that can be tweaked. However, for the everyday user, the Nespresso is the fastest cup in the morning, and with the hectic lifestyles of everyone, this has to come out on top, and ultimately, the machine that will get the most use out of the whole family.

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