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Morning or evening, coffee is the only thing which one requires. Degassing valve or often called as the freshness valve or the aroma valve or the coffee valve are used in various fields and is named as per that. Along with it, it has many types and as per the use it is modified and fulfills its utility. The one way degassing valve is used in coffee bags packaging and here it allows the pressure to be released from air tight package while preventing air from getting back into the package.

Air especially oxygen (O2) can have the negative effect on the packed contents and its freshness. The standard type of degassing valve has 3 parts, the valve body, filter and the rubber disc. Valve body attaches to the air tight package and supports the rubber disc and filter. Filter prevents small particles from clogging the one way valve while the rubber disc adheres or seals to the valve body via a layer of oil and creates an oxygen proof seal.

It is used in packaging of various food products. Especially in bulk transportation via ship or cargo planes, it has been proved to be very efficient in maintaining the quality and freshness. The degasser is also used in HPLC, for the removal of gases from the mobile phase. Also in the packaging of various moisture sensitive medicines, degassing valves are used. The most common use of degassing valves is in the packaging of the fresh roasted coffee. Fresh roasted coffee emits large amount of CO2 for several days after roasting it. At this time, the removal of CO2 is very important to maintain the taste and freshness of coffee. For this, the one way degassing valve proves to be very essential.

The coffee after processing with the degassing valve is then packed in their bags or pouches. Coffee bags which we use or see in our day to day routine have its own importance. Coffee bags were developed to provide the convenience of instant coffee and maintain its flavor. Also, the coffee bags were developed which has to be dipped into the hot water for at least 10minutes to get its taste. If the coffee bag is punchered or the degassing valve is not functional then the aroma and taste of coffee is lost. Big care is to be taken with respect to its processing. Thus, every sip of coffee is not taken, it is to be earned.

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