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Great Tips to help you Enjoy a Fresh Cup of Coffee

Over the last few years coffee has become an increasingly expensive commodity, yet we are still prepared to spend our hard earned cash on it - this has arguably led to us expecting coffee of the highest standards. In order to maintain these high standards we have come up with a few tips you can use to keep the taste and aroma of your coffee as fresh as possible.

The first things to consider when purchasing your coffee include the time elapsed since the beans have been ground, since the roasting of the beans, cleanliness of any bean to cup coffee machines used and of course the quality of the beans you are using.

You will need to be selective when choosing beans, as adverse weather conditions in coffee growing countries like Brazil means that the standard of coffee bean we have come to expect is in short supply. Farmers have been known to put substandard coffee beans into production in the hope they can minimise costs associated with their poor coffee crops.

Roasting is equally important; this is the part that will most influence the taste of your coffee as it changes the bean both physically and chemically. The roasting causes the bean to become less dense, which in turn affects the strength of the resulting coffee.

Another way of maintaining fresh coffee is by ensuring it is stored in the correct fashion. This will preserve the beans which mean they will stay fresh, preserve aroma and keep taste for longer. When you first open a fresh bag of coffee beans you will notice the beans are slightly oily and it’s these oily beans which are responsible for the light brown froth we find on our espressos. You should also look to preserve the coffee beans in an airtight container, such as tupperware, and store at room temperature.

Generally, if coffee has been ground it should be drunk within 7-10 days. If it hasn’t been ground then it can keep for up to 4 weeks. When it actually comes to consuming your coffee, you should look to serve within 15-20 minutes as it begins to lose flavour when mixed with hot water.

If you want to adjust the strength of your coffee then you will need to adapt the amount of grounds and the amount of hot water you use. Using fewer grounds will reduce the strength of your coffee, whereas increasing the grounds will increase the strength. A fresher grind means fresher coffee, which is why traditional Italian coffee makers and bean to cup coffee machines are so popular. They freshly grind beans just before the coffee is brewed, making it as fresh as it can be.

One final tip is to remember to use pure water and always heat it just once before you use it. Look to use clean, cold tap water or bottled spring water, but at the same time refrain from waters with an odour such as mineral or distilled water as this will only impair the flavour of the coffee.

Take these tips on board and you will be sure to notice the difference next time you brew up a coffee at home or work.

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