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Give the Memorable Gift of Lavazza Ground Espresso

There is nothing quite similar to the deep flavor and powerful aroma of Lavazza ground espresso, newly brewed at home. Whether it's early day, mid-afternoon or following supper, any time is perfect for a cup. Now it's much easier and more affordable to savor the taste of this immaculate brew, with gift box sets, variety packs and individual cans or bricks. Whichever way you enjoy it, Lavazza ground espresso delivers.

The assortment package is a wonderful way to test four assorted tastes of premium espresso. The pack includes one can each of Blu Espresso, Qualita Oro Espresso, Caffe Espresso, and Decaffeinato Espresso. Discover your favorite, and split the assortment when your friends stop on by. They all provide equal high quality that has made Lavazza ground espresso a top choice in the US.

If you prefer your coffee to come in bricks, the Lavazza ground espresso brick variety set might be your choice. You'll enjoy Il Perfetto Espresso, Bar Espresso, Crema e Gusto Espresso, and Qualita Rossa Espresso. The bricks have the standardized high quality as the cans, and are sealed airtight for the best in freshness.

The Lavazza Ground Espresso Collector's Edition

Who isn't looking for some assistance with the seasonal shopping? Lavazza makes it stress-free for anyone who loves espresso. They are now offering their 100% sustainable Lavazza ground espresso, called Tierra, in a collector's gift box set! Excellent for the environmentally aware coffee lovers on your list, this gift box features an eight ounce can of Tierra Lavazza ground espresso, four specially designed Tierra cups and paired saucers, and a mini booklet that explains the powerful idea behind the Tierra concept.

Buy now for the holidays; there are a limited number of these collectors's set existing and as soon as they are sold out, they are gone for good.

What I like largely about Lavazza ground espresso, no matter what variety I decide on, is the consistent quality. From the first scent of the rich aroma, to the last drop brewed, I know that the Lavazza taste will be bold, smooth and delicious. Some things in life are simply predictable that way. And it's probably why Lavazza is one of the greatest-selling ground espressos in the United States. It is simply constantly fantastic, not at all bitter and not at all harsh.

Stockpile now and be prepared for the holidays. Whether it's the family meeting around the table, or friends dropping by to spread some joy, you'll want plenty on hand. Select the assorted packs to make it simple to please each person. And don't forget to stock up on your own beloved varieties. Treat yourself to a cup after a long day of shopping, or when baking all those delicious seasonal cookie treats. It's a straightforward, tasty fulfillment you can enjoy any single day.

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