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Caribou Coffee

What’s In Store for You at Caribou Coffee


The different variants of Caribou Coffee are as colorful as its beginnings. And all the whip creams and milk that come with every cup of Caribou Coffee are as wild as its early stages of operation of its outlets. So, if you would permit, let us whisk back to the earliest days of Caribou Coffee.

Caribou Coffee was first conceptualized in 1992 by newlyweds John and Kim Puckett while exploring the Denali National Park in Alaska. Here, they made a vision to build a gourmet coffee company (perhaps thinking of competing with Starbucks which only had a little over a hundred stores at that time). So, the couple raised a fund and built the first gourmet coffee company in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1993. They named it Caribou Coffee after the wild reindeer that lives in Arctic and Sub-Arctic North America and that they saw in the United States most northerly state.

Unfortunately, just 3 years after its founding, the company floundered under poor direction. Expansion was restricted to just a further 40 coffeee shops in the next two years. The founding members were replaced by Don Dempsey a veteran from Mc Donald’s as the chairman and chief executive.

To help alleviate financial problems, in the year 2000 the founders sold their 70% stake to Crescent Capital of Atlanta. The 70% later became 87.8%. Crescent Capital is part of the First Islamic Investment Bank of Bahrain.

Today, publicly-listed, Caribou Coffee Inc (NASDAQ: CBOU) is considered the second largest gourmet owned, company operator of non-franchised coffeehouses in the United States, next to Starbucks. At year end 2006 Caribou Coffee had 464 individual stores located in 18 states and Washington, D.C. In March 2007, Rosalyn "Roz" Mallet was appointed as President and Chief Operating Officer.

OK, enough of the history. Let’s go back to the different Caribou Coffees you can tease your tastebuds with. 

If you are on a coffee break or simply would want to relax and enjoy Caribou’s coffee, then you have to try each one of 22 coffee drinks in a wide variety of flavours and choices.

Here they are, so tempting:

  • Caramel Cooler – for people who want to have whipped cream on top.
  • Caribou Coolers™ - Available in different variants including coffee, vanilla, chocolate, and espresso, Caribou Coolers™ features a unique taste for casual refreshments. 
  • Lite White Berry™ - For a relaxed coffee experience.
  • Mint Condition™ - Cool and delicious blend of cocoa, espresso, and whipped cream with a tinge of mint.
  • Turtle Mocha™ - For an all-in-one coffee.
  • Caramel High Rise™ - For those who crave for sweets.
  • Mocha – Mixture of cocoa and espresso topped with chocolate shavings and whipped cream.
  • Cappuccino – The traditional taste of coffee continues with this coffee variant
  • Latte – For people who desire a taste of their childhood
  • Depth Charge™ - Add some espresso shot on your black coffee and you will get this charging drink.
  • Espresso – Coffee, real coffee, and simply… coffee.
  • Coffee – selection of daily toasts within reach.
  • Mix-ins – Keep the child in you happy with a doze of espresso beans, mint bits, Snickers® candy bits, and Oreo® cookie bits.
  • Flavor Shots - vanilla, raspberry, and caramel. Imagine that with Caribou.
  • Moose It™ - A version of espresso.
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