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You really are not enjoying the best coffee until you grind your own beans. This method ensures you get to choose your own beans; grind the amounts you only need for immediate usage and thereby ensuring the clean on-the-palette finish to the coffee when you drink it.

Our advice is to remember that coffee beans contain flavorful oils and aromas. These immediately dissipate into the air once the beans are ground. The shelf life of ground coffee lasts a few days because the air and the moisture content will quickly deteriorate the coffee. If you try brewing coffee that is several days old, the coffee will have a stale flat taste that is characterless. This is the main reason why cafeterias and coffee houses that offer freshly ground coffee have superior taste and flavor - the simple motivational reason for customers flock back time and again.

It is very simple to grind coffee and there are a lot of coffee grinders that are available in the market that could look very good in any kitchen to compliment your kitchen design.

Grinding beans at home is very easy to do. There are a larger variety of bean grinders available on the market that can either look as a nice appliance in your kitchen or can be quickly put away.

It is hard to imagine that it is only a generation or so ago that prior to electricity a coffee grinder would have been a simple mortar and pestle. The mortar and pestle method was remarkably fresh for the taste but so difficult to maintain a consistency in coffee strength.

Today we do not have to struggle but only have to choose the type of grinder. it is worth knowing that there are two basic types of electronic coffee grinders: the burr and the blade types.

The Burr Coffee Grinders

Instead of the blades, the burr coffee grinders use two crushing plates to ground coffee. Burr coffee grinders are excellent choice for excellent coffee. The grind is consistent and is not as messy to operate as the blade coffee grinder. Burr coffee grinders usually have bean hopper on the top of the machine where you can temporarily store the beans. The hoppers are airtight so that the freshness of the beans is preserved. Usually Burr coffee grinders have a setting to the number of cups that you want ground and store them in an airtight container.

The burr coffee grounded is more expensive. An attractive grinder is priced in the range of $50, but if you want the best method in grinding your coffee beans, the burr coffee grinder should be your choice.

The Blade Coffee Grinders

When it comes to the blade coffee grinders they slice the beans into a finer ground coffee podwer. The blade coffee grinder however does not provide a consistent grind resulting in the finer particles finding their way to the outer rim of the lid while the coarser ones settles at the center. Another drawback of the blade coffee grinder is that some of the coffee spills out when you open the lid after the grinding. Still, blade coffee grinders are good options to have a freshly ground coffee. The freshness and the aroma are so distinct rather than not having your own coffee freshly grounded. Blade coffee grinders are also very inexpensive, usually around $15.
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