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Coffee Machines

Popular Coffee Machines


There is essentially a coffee machine for every occasion. Their popularity relates directly to their needed application. For example the expresso coffee maker, the percolator or the drip and bag variety. Let us examine them one by one and their appropriate usage:

The Percolator

The percolator is convenient and efficient. It is a long time tried and tested method. This coffee machine serves one basic purpose to brew coffee through boiling. The later electric percolators had a tube that pumps water (recycles the watertime and again while boiling ) into the filter basket where the coffee passes through back to the bottom, mixes with the grind and the process is repeated.

The Copper or Brass Ibrik - Middle East

The earliest coffee machine that was introduced, apart from the percolator type, is known as the ibrik.

The ibrik is popular in the Middle East and still in use to this day and often depicted in films and TV dramas whether they are modern soaps or set in earlier times. The brass or copper Ibrik coffee maker has a slender top that tapers wide at the bottom. It sports a distinguishable grooved lip for pouring and a long slender handle. Like the perculator, water is brought to a boil and finely grounded coffee is added in. Once again the water is brought to a boil. Sometimes sugar cinnamon and cardamom spices are added. The ibrik coffee maker produces very strong coffee because the coffee does not undergo filtering. Most Middle Eastern peoples prefer their coffeee boiled in this way. This is in essence, Turkish type coffee thick and sweet with no milk. And, as you would find in Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Lebanon and so on. Each place calling it their own.

The French press

And then there is also the French press that has become so popular in up market French style restaurant establishments across Asia. The French press is a simple glass coffee maker filled with boiling water (rather like a large laboratory beaker). After the coffee grounds and the water are allowed to steep for a little while, the plunger is pushed down so that the ground coffee is pushed to the bottom squeezing the coffee flavor out to mix with the boiling hot water. At the end of the plunger is a filter that fits snugly to the glass container preventing the coffee grounds from escaping out into the brew. The coffee grounds are caught between the bottom of the container and the filter of the plunger.

Drip Coffee Machines

Boiling water from a reservoir drips down through the ground coffee held in a paper filter cone. The drips are collected in a carafe beneath and the brew is served. Drip coffee machines provide excellent brew. One of its advantages is that the water that passes through the filter is not boiling but instead has the right heat to extract the coffee flavors. There are two types of drip method coffee machines, the manual and the electronic.

Espresso and Capuccino coffee machines

Espresso coffee machines are as the name suggests, are express or quick brewers of Italian origin. This coffee machines forces out steam under pressure through the ground coffee. To make cappuccino, espresso steamed milk is added. Evene the simplest of this type are elaborate. They are more expensive of all coffee makers.
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