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Coffee Mugs

Coffee Mugs for All Occasions


When you love coffee, why settle for a coffee cup when a mug will do? Coffee mugs have been developed to adapt to the different preferences of coffee drinkers. The usual dainty coffee cups are elegant especially when you are around other people in fact coffee cups are the preferred serving vessels in what is usually called 'polite society'.

Not the coffee mug. The coffee mug is for any setting and all occasional drinking. Size matters.

Coffee mugs get served up in either glass, porcelain, plastics or metal. Coffee mugs of late have made ideal souvenir items, marketing and promotional tools, suggested gift materials and novelty items. For many though, it is just a simple coffee mug to hold the coffee in and sit lazily early in the morning to enjoy the sunrise and get perked up for the day ahead.

The porcelain coffee mug

A porcelain coffee mug it is true, retains heat better than plastics and metals. Coffee tastes better in it. The choice Porcelain coffee mug design can be pretty, macho or as playful according to ones desires. But a porcelain coffee mug can also easily break.

The travelling coffee mug

What about the travelling coffee mug? Designed for the coffee drinker that wants to avoid accidental spills. The travelling coffee mug is usually meant for heavy wear and tear being manufactured combining metal and plastics with insulation to keep the heat in the coffee mug longer. An inner plastic material cup is usually supported by an outer frame holder in stainless steel. This type of coffee mug is ideally suited for driving, drinking coffee while working and for transporting liquids. This coffee mug type closely resembles the vacuum flask.

While the travelling mug is also great for camping, tin mugs with designs dating back to the Great First and Second World Wars are very handy to this day. Tin mugs though while reminiscent of old campfires and the great outdoors are slowly becoming an option in place of the more versatile travelling mugs.

Puzzle Mugs

Puzzle mug or fun mug is a form of novelty mug is not my idea of drinking vessel when often you cannot find the place to drink from. Naughty designs, trick designs occasionally add to a sense of heightened enjoyment to your regular bog standard mug of coffee.
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