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Coffee Pot

Ways to Live with Coffee Pot


The humble coffeepot may be one of the more familiar figures in every coffee-drinking household around the world. It is practically everywhere. Different shapes, different sizes, different materials, and different treatments. From ancient campfires, hearths to the modern kitchen and breakfast nook, coffeepots are one of the more permanent figures.

As a Bridal Gift

Like the coffee maker and the bread toasters, coffeepots are among the more popular gifts in a bridal registry. From the delicate china, porcelain or glass to the stainless steel and brass variety, coffeepots are among those that do not fail to attract a bride’s wish list. Wedding guests who want to make their gifts unique sometimes opt for the metal variety of coffee pots as these can be engraved and may last for years without losing functionality.

As Decorative Pieces

Over the years, coffeepots have been transformed into wonderful pieces of artwork. Shape and size varies, some of which are clearly meant not only for practical use because of the more delicate treatment but as conversation pieces. The elegant design of many coffee pots, whether intentional or not could add grace to any kitchen and could match every conceivable design and kitchen motif.

Its ease of use, functionality and popularity gave way to another form of coffee pot.

The Coffee Pot Press

Another treatment for the coffee pot though was introduced in the middle of the 19th century, the coffee press pot. The coffee pots evolution into a press coffee pot came a while even when the vacuum brewer was already a popular coffee-brewing machine.

Contrary to what many people believe, and even with the popularity of different coffee machines and coffee makers, the coffee press pot, when used with a little preparation can deliver the richest coffee you can enjoy. With a good preparation you may even have a very clean brew.

While a good brew will always depend on the kind and quality of coffee beans, the roasting process used, and the water, the one element that you should not do when preparing coffee is to skimp on the cost of a good coffee grinder. That is true with any coffee-maker. For the press pot which uses the boiling water method in coffee preparation, the grinding type is even more important.

The common opinion is that modern electronic coffee making machines produce better quality coffee. No truth there. When one uses a crappy grinder that produces crappy particles, the most expensive coffee maker or coffee brewer can’t produce a perfect cup of coffee. Hence the better grinder you have, the better the quality of coffee that you can brew because it will allow you to extract the best possible flavor from your coffee beans.

To make good coffee with the coffee pot press, ground coffee particles must have uniformed size. No crappy grinder can do that. Try it. What the coffee press pot needs is uniformed large particles. Tiny particles, powder in fact, will make it hard for you to use the coffee press pot. Mixed large and tiny particles will make very little difference. The size of the coffee grounds is important.

The type of filter will also play a very good part in having a fresh, clean brew. Metal filters will not handle the finer grinds that nylon filters do.

To get the best out of the coffee press pot may need a little more preparation but the coffee press pot can serve a rich, clean, very high quality brew than that is delivered by its more moderns counterparts.
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