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Coffee Table

Computer Coffee Tables: Unbelievable


What is a coffee table? Is it just a table where you drink your coffee?


The term “coffee table” has now evolved into so much more than an ordinary table.

From the time the coffee table first found its way into the west from the days of the Ottoman Empire, it has changed and adapted itself to the different cultures and design tastes of the world.

When people buy coffee tables now, they think of ergonomics, they think of function and style, they think in terms of sophistication and elegance.

Now, with the advent of internet cafés, change became inevitable for the coffee table. At first, coffee tables were designed as other tables were, made to support food, or anything you put on top of them, including computers. These coffee tables have special compartments designed to hold even the largest PC and still leave room on top to act as a coffee table.

Now, Hewlett-Packard has unveiled another innovation – a computer coffee table. Dubbed “misto”, this computer coffee table uses the technology of a touch-screen PC. Though this is not the first attempt to incorporate the use of such technology with a coffee table, it is possibly the biggest. And when I say big, I mean BIG.

The Misto coffee table incorporates a large touch screen to the top of the table. HP’s coffee table uses a standard desktop PC as its processing engine, but it needs some specialized software to run the interface. The bottom line is that the Misto coffee table is primarily targeted to be sold as a home entertainment PC.

After all, you wouldn’t spend money on a touch-screen as large as a coffee table just to use it for work, would you? The idea, according to Hewlett-Packard, is to have people use the coffee table for interaction. They can use the coffee table to play board games, share pictures, or study.

It is, however, unclear as to whether or not you can actually use the coffee table to drink coffee. Now that is just impractical.

Although the modern coffee table serves as a spot where people can interact, talk ideas, or discuss business, it is called a coffee table because you can drink coffee while sitting around it. Can a coffee table give up its original function –as a place to put your coffee –and still be called a coffee table?

Have a drink - of coffee, you probably need it.
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