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Cuisinart Coffee Maker

Your Choice of Cuisinart Coffee Maker


Thermal coffee makers, Brewers, Grinders, "Grind and Brew" - three coffee making methods from Cuisinart. They have been producing them for years both for commercial and home use and are particularly enjoyed by millions of java coffee lovers around the world.

The following are Cuisinart coffee makers available for you:

Thermal Cuisinart Coffee Maker

The thermal Cuisinart coffee maker does not need reprogramming everyday. You just set the desired brewing time and the machine stores the information up in its memory. The latest Cuisinart coffee maker is an impressively designed 12-cup machine with an insulated carafe that brews one full cup of flavor rich coffee in just 6 minutes. The thermal insulation is an assurance that you obtain a fresh hot cup of coffee and can store them for hours. The pour-through lid is a Cuisinart coffee patent that keeps the air out of your coffee to maintain its freshness for long periods. The feature will save you the time for making another brew later in your busy day.

The thermal Cuisinart coffee maker features a floating red ball in its water level indicator, it also has an automatic shut off mechanism and an audible blip to signal that the brewing has been completed. The brew pause is also a patented feature that is found in each Cuisinart coffee maker. This machine comes with a 3-year warranty and a practical instruction book.

Cuisinart Grind and Brew Coffee Maker

The freshest coffee that could be available anywhere in the world would be the one that you grind since it allows you to brew coffee beans whose aromatic oils and flavors are still intact. With this in mind, the Cuisnart coffee maker has equipped this machine with its own grinder. The control panel is also user friendly that makes programming for your coffee requirements equally easy.

The Grind and Brew Cuisinart coffee maker has a double thermal insulation aside from the pour through lid that keeps the room air out, keeping your coffee hot and fresher longer. It is equipped with a charcoal filter to assure that the water in the brew is perfectly clear. This model also has the 24-hour programmable brewing feature.

The Grind and Brew Cuisinart coffee maker has all the regular features of the other coffee makers that made the Cuisinart coffee maker a popular brand all over the world.

All Cuisinart coffee makers are assured of good lasting service. This model has a 3-year warranty and parts are available in any Cuisinart authorized seller in the net.

Cuisinart Coffee Bar Automatic 10-Cup Grind & Brew

Like the Cuisinart Grind and Brew coffee maker, this model assures the freshest most wholesome coffee drink by grinding its own coffee beans. Just add the freshly roasted beans in the basket, fill the reservoir with water and the machine will start to grind and brew coffee.

This Cuisinart coffee maker has a base that can hold a 10-cup carafe. Like all Cuisinart models, the 10-cup grind and brew model has a sealed lid to preserve the freshness of the coffee in. Aside from the mentioned features, this Cuisinart coffee machine is provided with a system that discharges the right amount of water trough the coffee ground allowing for maximum coffee flavor extraction leaving out the bitter taste.

This model is also equipped with a self-cleaning capability that also monitors when it needs cleaning and decalcifying.
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