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Espresso Coffee

The Right Espresso Coffee of Your Choice


Over the years, espresso coffee has gained so much ground in popularity. In the United States alone, the consumption of espresso coffee has inspired entrepreneurs to put up café carts whose specialty is the selling of espresso coffee. You can find them in the bookstores, grocery stores, movie theaters, Laundromats, drive thru's, gas stations, theaters, anywhere, including public parks and of course canteens and restaurants. In Seattle alone, there may be an Espresso stand every couple of city blocks. They are almost as popular as the New York hotdog carts.

As the name suggests, Espresso coffee is a quick way of preparing the drink. It is distinct from other types of coffee preparation as to make an espresso; you have to extract coffee flavor from the coffee beans by subjecting them into the high-pressure steam of an Espresso machine.

When you order an Espresso coffee, you will be served a small shot of very strong coffee.

There are several factors that go to make a good espresso coffee:

  • The Roast – the beans are roasted dark until it appears oily. The beans are often a selection of different coffee beans gathered from producers in different parts of the world.
  • The Grind – The grind quality must very fine, finer even than the consistency of powdered sugar. The finer the grind of the coffee beans, the slower the coffee comes out of the espresso machine and for many, the better cup of espresso coffee it will produce.
  • Water Temperature - As in all preparation of good coffee, temperature must be controlled so that the bean is not subjected to boiling. The heat that must be applied should be enough to extract from the coffee beans their exquisite flavor. The steam coming out of the espresso machine that is shot through the packed espresso coffee powder is near enough to boiling point - it is steam after all!
  • The Brewing time - The best Espressos are brewed for about 25 seconds. The 25 seconds is the time for 1.5 ounces of hot water to pass through the tightly packed coffee powder in the espresso machine. Even then, the Espresso coffee has less caffeine than coffee that is brewed through the drip process. The brewing time of an Espresso coffee can be adjusted, as sometimes it is, by adjusting the fineness of the grind. The coarser the grind, the faster the water drips out of the Espresso machine.

When everything is correctly handled, the coffee that comes out of the Espresso machine is a deep brown color with a slightly thick consistency. Another element that distinguishes an espresso coffee is the crema or the foam that is formed on top of the cup similar to that, which is formed on the head of a beer.

There are several ways to enjoy espresso coffee. Others prefer to add herbs to it to give it the added kick. Flavors and different mixes could also be mixed with it.

The different variations and types of espresso coffee that can be tried are:

  • Espresso & Dark Roast
  • Blues Roast (Vienna Dark)
  • Matadors Blend (Italian)
  • Roast (Darker)
  • Versailles Blend (French)
  • Roast (Darkest)
  • Espresso Roma
  • Espresso Monaco
  • Café Latte
  • Café Mocha
  • Cappuccino

Any of the above make the right espresso of your choice, a gift from Italy the home of espresso coffee.
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