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Gevalia Coffee

Gevalia Coffee: The Richness of Swedish Excellence


Looking for a great tasting coffee has never been so easy with Gevalia coffee (pronounced as Juh-vol-ya). Not only they serve only the best coffee from the finest coffee beans from all parts of the world, Gevalia also serves their coffee right at your doorstep. This is like getting a cup of coffee every morning right in your own bedroom!

Gevalia’s excellence in coffee production is rooted from its rich history that dates back almost 2 centuries. Gevalia originated in Sweden by Victor Theodor Engwall. It began as an importing company that searched for different varieties of coffee around the world, which were still obscure during his time. It is important to note that Sweden during the 19th century paid full respect to the quality of coffee. It was comparable with tea in England and wine in France. Coffee became the passion of Swedes that provoked Engwall to expand his business. As demands for a perfect cup of coffee increased, Engwall began to experiment on mixing different kinds of coffee beans in one cup. He also experimented on the different grinds and roast quality just to achieve the perfect taste he desired.

These painstaking years paid off when it was said that the King of Sweden, Gustav, was lured with the aroma of Engwall’s coffee when he went on a sailing excursion that passed by the port of Galve (the origin of the name Gevalia). Afterwards, Gevalia became the supplier of coffee to His Majesty and the Royal Court of Sweden. Gevalia became the most favored coffee in the country that had also received the royal seal from Swedish sovereigns for several generations.

Gevalia coffee was finally sold to Kraft in 1971, ending the 120 years of family ownership. But, the quality of Gevalia coffee continued as it is still made in Galve, Sweden. Experts in the field of coffee roasting and blending are still handled by people who continue to live in Gevalia's hometown.

In 1983, Gevalia was introduced in the United States under Kraft by mail-order. Shortly thereafter, Gevalia coffee was awarded gold standard in the United States. This was just a proof that Gevalia’s tradition was still being maintained by the present owner.

Today, every Gevalia product purchased is delivered right at your very doorstep. Gevalia is also popular with its incentives, relatively higher than the product itself. Upon purchase of Gevalia flavored coffees, the buyer will receive a free Gevalia coffeemaker together with other giveaways. These offers are viewed on TV and magazine advertisements and direct mailing. The internet also becomes a very good means to introduce this through emails and banners.

Swedish excellence in Gevalia offers more than 40 different coffees as well as teas. Gevalia has something for you.
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