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Glass Coffee Table

Making Your Glass Coffee Table a Decorative Piece


Your cup of coffee is to be enjoyed. The painstaking labor of coffee makers and coffee lovers all over the world meant it to be so. While coffee is a great stimulant and is great during mornings, it can be enjoyed throughout the whole day and what better place to do it than in your favorite silent corner of the house that invites relaxation. A terrace, garden, verandah, pergola, lanai, patio, a nook, whatever. The place you enjoy most is the place to be. Brew some coffee, place it on a good coffee table and enjoy.

Your coffee table is a must-have, piece of furniture and it must be chosen well to accentuate any area. Glass coffee tables are often the best choice because they areeasy to clean and wipe away spills and stains. At any rate, your coffee table must look shiny, clean and reflect your personality and taste.

There are several styles of coffee tables that you can choose from. The parsons coffee table, which is made of wood is a classic and can go well with the laid back and contemporary room designs and furnishings. The tray top makes entertaining easy and is good anywhere. Then you have the glass coffee tables.

Glass coffee tables are very popular choices. With space getting more expensive, the glass coffee table, because of its transparency (or translucency) can appear to take up less room. Glass coffee tables are also the easiest to accessorize and can blend well with almost any furnishing, motif and room design. Glass coffee tables are versatile. Depending on their frame, the glass coffee table could more often than not, reflect the character and charm of a room and blend in well.

The French country style with the wrought iron work could be a suitable addition to any garden furniture. Glass coffee table in the French provincial style inside a room provides an atmosphere that is more formal.

Whatever the choice of the design, the glass coffee table should be functional while at the same time, decorative. Thick glass tops are durable aside from being elegant. They could also be a perfect setting for your accessories, making your glass coffee table also a central conversation piece.

One of the better things about glass coffee tables is accessorizing. Glass coffee tables are perfect for displaying accessories beneath the glass top aside from the tops and sides. When accessorizing the glass coffee table, it is advisable not to clutter. One main piece for impact and a few minor ones with varying heights and sizes that could invite curiosity and touching are all that you will need. Then you could leave spaces on the glass top for a few plates, cups and saucers

Note however, that when the coffee table is not accessorized well, and especially if its distance between the chairs is a little wider, the glass coffee table will appear to float. Keeping newspapers and other reading materials on the sides or beneath the glass coffee table will define its dimensions better.

The height of your glass coffee table top is also an important factor during selection. Heights are normally between 16 to 21 inches with 18 inches being the average off the ground. The height that best suits your chair dimensions should be observed. However if you entertain frequently, higher glass coffee tables should be chosen as this will be more comfortable for guests when setting down with their drinks.
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