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World Tour With Green Mountain Coffee


Whether you are up for the best tasting coffee with unmatched flavor from other commercially available coffee, or you are in for some of the most exciting coffee tastes you could ever find, Green Mountain Coffee Roasts Inc of Vermont (NASDAQ: GMCR) in the USA will answer your needs no matter whether it is light or dark beans coffee you prefer.

The Company is known for its roastsof high-quality arabica coffees and offers 100 coffee selections including "single-origins", "estates", "certified organics", "Fair Trade", "proprietary blends", and flavored coffees that it sells under the Green Mountain Coffee Roasters® brand.

In a nutshell that means that Green Mountain coffee, from Green Mountain Roasters, comes from locations where coffees are grown in the best conditions. A quality assurance if ever one was needed to give every coffee drinker the best experience.

Green Mountain sources its beans supply carefully. From the countries in Africa such as Kenya and Ethiopia, to the Asian regions typified by Java and Sulawesi, Indonesia. Green Mountain Roasters scour growers for the highest quality beans.

If you believe that the birthplace of coffee is the same as the birthplace of civilization, then you are to believe that Ethiopia is simply the perfect place for sourcing a perfect coffee. This ancient place believed to be the Garden of Eden is where coffee beans were first discovered and much sought after.

Next door neighbour is Kenya, a country where coffee auctions feature only the highest grades of beans. This maintains Kenya's huge reputation among coffee drinkers.

Green Mountain company's coffee expert tasters and buyers travel to Southeast Asia, and specifically Java, Sumatra, and Sulawesi to locate coffee that is uniquely Asian in character - that tastes like Asia and feels like Asia.

Then there is the "Americas". Columbian, a popular coffee among American drinkers where Green mountain Roasters has a strong business bond with Columbia's Southwestern region known as Popayán. The same can be said for Costa Rica, known for its varietal known as "Costa Rica Peaberry Select".

So why peaberry? It is unque among coffee fruits in that the peaberry produces just the one seeded pod not two as is the case with other Robusta and Arabica types.

Attesting to the peaberry bean's prized value, all picking of the beans is carried out by hand as peaberry is regarded as one of coffee’s 'precious gems'.

Making up another part of the Waterbury, Vermont, Green Mountain tradition is their use of Kona coffee - the Hawaiian speciality, characteristically mild but with a rich flavor and captivating aroma. 'Balance' best describes Kona coffee on the palate with its clean after taste.

In Mexico, Green Mountain also explores the possibility of getting quality coffee beans. from one of the largest coffee bean growering countries in the world possessing with a reputation for some of the best coffees ever tasted. "Green Mountain" has selected coffee growers in the Southeastern region located along the Sierra Mountains.

Other Central and South American sources complimenting the full range of coffee blends are Guatemala with its many variants in bean flavours for such a small area and Peru with Machu Picchu where desendants of the Inca Empire care for the organically grown coffee plants.

Fresh development at Green Mountain. The company in early 2006 pursued the Rwandan coffee market which has beome a new player and exporter. The company declared that Rwanda was “intriguing new discovery”!

In just 12 months Rwanda has turned into the hottest emerging market in specialty coffees. As a result, in February 2007 Green Mountain introduced its Rwanda-Karaba Bourbon as the first “Special Reserve” offering of 2007. Green Mountain is working with Rwanda's KOAKAKA cooperative.

Green Mountain Special Reserve coffees are not only handcrafted, but they artfully roasted, and supplies are limited. They are created from the best offerings of small family farms and remote estates.

The Company describes its remarkable new Rwandan coffeebased on this year's bean's harvest has classic East African attributes with unexpected depth and body. Floral top notes of lemon and coffee blossoms float in the aroma and are echoed in the flavor. Sweet, caramelized sugar and wild honey evolve into the heady, well-toned presence of chocolate, dried fruit, and dark cherry notes.

The distinctive flavor profile is the result of meticulous processing, hours of training, and the passion of the farmers who grew it. Lindsey Bolger, Director of Coffee Sourcing and Relationships for Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, recently took her fourth trip to Rwanda to help farmers understand quality standards and to celebrate the farmers’ success.

Always on the lookout for new sources of supply and choice, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc. (NASDAQ: GMCR) is recognized as a leader in the United States specialty coffee industry. The Company sells over 100 high quality selections. Keurig, Incorporated, a pioneer and leading manufacturer of gourmet single-cup brewing systems is also owned by Green Mountain Coffee Roasters which has been listed No. 1 on the list of "100 Best Corporate Citizens" for the past two years, and has been recognized repeatedly by Forbes, Fortune Small Business, and the Society of Human Resource Management as an innovative, high-growth, socially responsible company.
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