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Coffee Table

  What is a coffee table? Is it just a table where you drink your coffee? Wrong. The term “coffee table” has now evolved into so much more than an ordinary table. From the time the coffee table first found its way into the west from the days of the Ottoman Empire, it has changed and adapted itself to the different cultures and design tastes of the world. When people buy coffee tables now, ...

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Coffee Shop

  By definition a coffee shop is an establishment that primarily sells coffee for the consumption by paying customers. Can we believe that Poland had the first Coffee Shop in Europe? The unproven folklore says that the first coffee shop was started in the late 1600’s by a Pole, Franciszek Jerzy Kulczycki. He is said to have received a hoard of green coffee beans from his King, Jan III Sobieski, ...

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Coffee Roasters

  Whatever the type or brand of coffee you buy and no matter how well it is advertised, you are missing out a lot of pleasure and paying a high price if you do not own your own coffee roaster. Before mass consumerism, almost every home had a coffee roaster as part of its staple kitchen equipment. Imagine waking up to the smell of a good coffee aroma. What is the point being made here? Think ...

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Coffee Pot

  The humble coffeepot may be one of the more familiar figures in every coffee-drinking household around the world. It is practically everywhere. Different shapes, different sizes, different materials, and different treatments. From ancient campfires, hearths to the modern kitchen and breakfast nook, coffeepots are one of the more permanent figures. Like the coffee maker and the bread ...

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Coffee Mugs

  When you love coffee, why settle for a coffee cup when a mug will do? Coffee mugs have been developed to adapt to the different preferences of coffee drinkers. The usual dainty coffee cups are elegant especially when you are around other people in fact coffee cups are the preferred serving vessels in what is usually called 'polite society'. Not the coffee mug. The coffee mug is for any ...

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